Nowhere to Hide

J.P. Bowie

Customer & Industry Reviews of Nowhere to Hide

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Wow, this story had me riveted to every page from the beginning. Both main characters are heroes. Mark, a doctor who is willing to sacrifice everything for his patients and Jack, the Aussie sergeant on special ops in Somalia trying to bring help to the people suppressed by both government and rebels. The bond between the men is beautiful as it unfolds, and their loyalty towards one another brought a tear to my eye. They face so many dangers together, yet through it all their love grows stronger. The author has done an incredible job of creating the sense of desperation that must exist in countries like Darfur and Somalia, yet there is humor here, gentleness and honor. A truly great read.

  Review by Customer

a good mix between an action story and a steamy romance...a fun read that didn't take long to read. I enjoyed the fast pace, action, and steamy sex. I'd definitely recommend this book to others.

  Review by Customer

Bowie really knows how to tell a story and he does with style...The main thrust of the book is the love story between Mark and Jack but having the other issues makes the book that much more interesting.



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