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Jennifer Wright - Guys Like Romance Too feature

Come and join me in another time…another realm where vampires, dragons and mages rule the world. Let me take you to Pavarus.

Jennifer Wright - USA Today feature

My three favorite fellow romance authors:

• JR Ward. To me, JR Ward has this special way of feeding her readers a lot of details without it being too overwhelming or boring.

Jennifer Wright - BTSe Mag feature

Since I began writing, I’ve been asked two main questions.

Question number 1 – Why do you write M/M romance instead of M/F romance? Well, the answer is simple…because I like it. Oh, so taboo, so scandalous! “But you’re a woman—how can you like two men together romantically? I say, if society thinks it’s okay for a man to enjoy seeing/having/reading/etc. two women together romantically, then what’s wrong with a woman liking two men together?



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