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Kait Gamble - ARe Cafe interview

Some romances take on the “friends to lovers” trope, but GRIND starts with your couple as lovers. What inspired the story?

I guess the story would be a step beyond the ‘friends to lovers’. Cara and Jason are long-time friends and lovers for nearly as long. I wondered how their story would go if where one put a kink in the works and wanted to take things further while the other had a slight phobia for commitment. 

Kait Gamble - Female First feature

Hi, I'm Kait and I'm a planner. And a list maker. And I might have a few control issues.

I used to be much worse, I swear.

I will admit, over the years, I've strayed a little from some of my lists and a few plans have gone slightly awry, but I've managed to complete quite a few of the major goals (although new ones always seem to crop up). With the addition of a husband and the chaos only a child can bring, how could I stay dead on course? I had to learn to adapt.