In the News: Love's Return

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Trina Lane - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite vacation destinations:

The Rocky Mountains. I am very much a woman of nature. Growing up each summer my parents would pack us up in the family van, stuff the interior and rooftop with camping gear, and we would head to the mountains to explore for our vacation. I love hiking, rafting and sitting by a campfire. There is nothing so fresh in this world as breathing cool pine-scented mountain air. It is one of the most humbling experiences to stand at the base of a 14,000-foot mountain, and the most powerful sense of freedom to stand at its summit. Although I may live in the Midwest, my heart belong

Trina Lane - BTSe Mag feature

I admit to being a lover of movies. Comedies, dramas, horror (as long as I have a pillow or blanket to cover my eyes available), romance, documentaries, mysteries, and yes even children’s cartoons. When I watch a movie I always imagine that I can transport myself into the story. In the blink of an eye I’m fighting beside the main characters as we take out zombie Nazis, falling in love with them when I happen to spontaneously travel to a far off country, solving some impossible to solve crime, and when the case calls for it trying to tell them that a running car is a perfectly acceptable method of escape from the lone boarded-up house in the middle of nowhere.