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Bailey Bradford - ARe Cafe Q&A

What inspired you to create the Coyote’s Call series?

It was a trip we took to Big Bend about two years ago. We hiked around and there was a loneliness to the area that started inspiring ideas. I’ve used the setting in other books, too.

Bailey Bradford - Blog Tour stop with GGR Review

Hi there, I’m Bailey Bradford and I’ve got a new series starting up. It’s titled Coyote’s Call and the first book is Off Course. To introduce y’all to it, I thought I’d do something I haven’t before, and interview the main characters, Miller Hudson and Gideon Wells. Then a better idea occurred to me—Miller and Gideon should interview each other! So today’s post is Gideon interviewing Miller. Wish us all luck!

Gideon Wells: Okay, I’m a little nervous here. Do I look okay?

Miller: Gid, no one can see you but me. Which, that’s a shame, let me tell you, because you look incredibly sexy in that prim button-up shirt and those slacks. No one would guess that just this morning—

Bailey Bradford - Author Spotlight for Off Course

You have written other shifter series in the past, what makes this one different? 

This one deal with shifters as a whole facing trials and changes they can’t comprehend. Take Miller Hudson and the other coyote shifters. Are they really shifters since they can’t shift? That ability, along with the enhanced senses, vanished from their kind generations ago. Nothing is easy for them, and there’s a longing to shift and run, to hunt and live as the half of themselves that’s missing. It leaves the coyote’s feeling incomplete and yearning for something they may never have. That would be a hard way to live.



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