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LM Brown - Blog tour stop with Prism Book Alliance

Just like in real life, there is homophobia in fiction and in the world of MM romance there is plenty of it to be found.  The young teenager kicked out of home for being gay is a popular trope in contemporary romances.  I even touch on the subject myself in one or two of my books, but for the most part I tend to avoid the homophobic storylines and enjoy creating worlds and societies where the focus isn’t on sexual preferences, or if it is, there is a twist to the story.

LM Brown - Author Spotlight for Between Heaven and Hell

What can we expect from Between Heaven and Hell?

Lots of hot sex!

Did that grab your attention?  Hopefully it did, so now that I have your attention, let me tell you a little more about this story. Tristan, one of the three heroes of the story is a regular guy with a regular job. Then one Halloween night he meets Machidiel and Alastor and his life changes forever.  Machidiel, known as Mac, is an angel and Alastor is a demon, and they have known – and desired – each other for centuries. When they realise they both feel attraction for Tristan they decide to share him and a ménage is formed. The story isn’t just about the sex though.

LM Brown - Guys Like Romance Too post

With Halloween just around the corner, there is definitely no shortage of paranormal books being released. What always surprises me is how popular the spooky heroes seem to be in romance novels.
Long gone are the werewolves who howl at the full moon and tear out the throats of anyone who comes across them in the dark of the night.  Instead, you’re more likely to find the werewolf shifters are loyal pack leaders or maybe the lone wolf types.  There is certainly less focus on the fangs and more on the fur these days.

LM Brown - BTSe Mag post

It’s nearly Halloween and that is the time of year when all the supernatural creatures come out to play. Even though Halloween is not quite as big an occasion here in England as it is in America, I do have a great fondness for all things paranormal.


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