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Ashley Ladd- - Interview with Rainbow Gold Reviews

From looking online, I see that you have been writing books for over 10 years, do you still enjoy writing now as much as your first book?

I’ve been writing since I was six years old but I’ve been published since 2000. Yes yes yes!  I still love to write.

Ashley Ladd - Long and Short Reviews Feature

Do You Really Want To Be Fed To The Sharks?

Not only am I a writer but I’m a reader. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and I devour hundreds of stories a year. Often I catch myself wishing my life was even half as interesting as those of the heroines. Then I put on my writer’s cap and scream noooooo!!!

Do I really want to be like one of the heroines from the books I read or write? No way in hell!

Ashley Ladd - Queertown Abbey Feature

A Transgender Daughter’s Mother’s Viewpoint 

I have a transgender daughter named Kelly. She tells me that she knew she was a female from the time she was about five years old. I didn’t find out until she was thirty.

Was it a shock?

Quite. A big one.

Ashley Ladd - 3 things for USA today

My three favourite TV couples:

• Lois Lane and Superman. I've loved this couple since I was 6 years old. In fact, I wanted to be a journalist like the intrepid Lois Lane so I could have my very own Superman rescue me whenever I got into trouble. Although many actors and actresses have played this dynamic duo very well, my favorite pair were Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher, although I also loved, loved, loved the teenage Superman played by Tom Welling. I love a strong man who speaks softly and acts like a gentleman.

Ashley Ladd - Female First Post

Flirting with Vegetarianism


I’m a writer and a published author, but that’s only one side of me.

Like all of us I am multi-dimensional, or as Shrek would say, I’m an onion with many layers. I’m a disabled Air Force vet, a full-time customer service representative, a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, a movie buff, a Trekkie, an avid Big Bang Theory fan, a crazy cat lady…




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