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Sierra Cartwright - Publisher's Weekly

In May this year, Totally Bound secured our first international rights deal for Sierra Cartwright’s Crave, book one in the bestselling Bonds series.

This deal was brokered by IPR licence, and Tom Chalmers, IPR’s Managing Director has spoken to Publisher’s Weekly about the erotic revolution and Totally Bound’s position.

Sierra Cartwright - NLA-I Award nominee

Crave has been nominated for the Pauline Reage Novel Award.

Sierra Cartwright - Bonds series featured

In the Bonds series, you can expect to find the men and women on equal footing in all aspects of life and love.

Sierra Cartwright - Uberkinky feature

I adore the Uberkinky website. It’s tasteful, elegant, and oh-so intriguing. There are a number of products I use in my books, and the ones mentioned below are featured prominently in recent releases. And honestly? I found something on the site I need to buy, and it will show up in a future novel!

Sierra Cartwright - Bonds microsite

Sierra Cartwright now has her own microsite for the Bonds series. Check it out to find out more about this acclaimed series!

Sierra Cartwright - Interview with Honour

Before you slip into those sky-high heels, it helps to get in the mood, it’s been said that a woman’s most powerful sex organ is her brain, and that makes perfect sense. We’re smart, sassy and adventurous.

We’re discerning and have confidence that we can express who we are as women, that’s why erotic romances are topping the bestseller lists.

Sierra Cartwright - Verboten feature

Tell us about your new series, Bonds. 

If I’ve ever had more fun writing a series of books, I don’t remember when.

The series started with a single idea. Most of my books have a piece of me in them. Something I see or something that happens makes me think, “What if?” The collar that’s pictured on the cover of Crave is a bit imposing. When I saw that particular collar in real life, all sorts of things ran through my head. I imagined the commitment and expectations that might go along with it, and how that might be a bit frightening to a heroine who sees it for the first time. 

Sierra Cartwright — Three Things for USA Today


Three words I would use to describe myself:


• Adventurous. Actually, that's rather new for me! I've always wanted to live near the water. Every year, I spent a day or two in Galveston, Texas. Last year, I came down for a writing retreat. And I never went home! I found a cute little rental, signed a lease, and changed my life completely. It's the first time I've lived away from my friends and family!

Crave Book Trailer

Sierra Cartwright - Interview with Female First for Crave

What are your biggest cravings in life?


Where to begin…? I crave sleep, and I’ve been known to go to bed ridiculously early just so I can doze off and on for hours. And I have a confession. When I crave something, I can be single-minded in its pursuit. (I prefer that word to “obsessive.”) I love chocolate, and the richer, more decadent, the better. In the quest to sate my sweet-tooth, I spent years trying out recipes for flourless chocolate cake. 


Sierra Cartwright - Interview for Crave


What can you tell us about Crave?


Where shall I begin? With the funny interchanges between four absolutely delicious men? The hot, hot sex scenes? The emotion as a couple works so hard to rebuild trust even as they push their relationship into a whole new dimension? Or maybe with the bond of love that has kept Reece and Sarah bound together over the years…?


Sierra Cartwright - Feature Excerpt for Crave


Take a sneak peak at Crave in the latest issue of BTSe Magazine! Can you resist this novel?





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