The Stars On My Arm

By Leigh Jarrett

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<p>A heartbreaking awakening to love unexpected<p> <p>Joel Carrigan and his girlfriend, Erica, are excited about starting their graduating year at Tekla Senior High. The long hot summer is drawing to a close, and their plans for a promising future together are on track, but their carefully laid plans are about to be disrupted by a dark and seductive force neither one of them anticipated.<p> <p>That force is named Ethan Cooke. His gothic persona, covered in tattoos, piercings, and reckless abandon set Joel's heart racing, but not out of fear.<p> <p>What readers are saying:<p> <p>Just finished the first three books in the Tekla Series. OMG, emotionally drained right now! Leigh Jarrett, never stop writing!<p> <p>I love how the story took such a turn in events. And the stars were a great addition to a beautiful evolving romance.<p>

General Release Date: 30th January 2018

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-9275532-3-7
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT STORY

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Leigh Jarrett

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