Miranda's Travels

By Naomi Bellina

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Book Description
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An encounter between two strangers with very different agendas sets sparks flying as they embark on an unexpected romantic adventure.

Prince Nicholas is charmed by the enigmatic Miranda, even after she absconds with money she stole from him. Wanting to learn more about her, he gives chase, only to find and lose her again. Duty calls, but he vows to seek out the otherworldly beauty before giving himself over to his royal duties.

Meanwhile, Miranda, a visitor from another time and another place, plans some rest and relaxation with the prince after the completion of her own mission.

But will scheming factions from another world threaten the happiness Miranda and Nicholas might find together?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of F/F intimacy and anal sex

General Release Date: 20th June 2011

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Book Information
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Heat Rating: Sizzling  
Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-0-85715-583-2
Word Count: 13,802
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT STORY
Pages: 37

About the author
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Naomi Bellina

Naomi lives in beautiful, sunny Florida with the love of her life and a magical black cat. She writes for various fiction and non-fiction markets, but finds she is drawn to erotic romance because her characters insist on canoodling, and sometimes even falling madly in love. So she lets them. Occasionally, however, they go to dark and strange places. She lets them do this also. Most of her stories will surprise readers with unexpected twists and turns, because isn't that what makes life exciting?

Her interests include dancing, hula-hooping, drumming, and creating healthy meals. She takes the opportunity to play, have fun, and indulge in the pursuit of passion whenever possible. She hopes you enjoy her stories and would love to hear from you at . Visit her website at

Her motto: Never pass up the opportunity to have an adventure!

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  Reviewed by Miz Love Loves Books

...a lovely sexy story...scenery is vivid and vibrant, the dialogue is sharp, and the sex...well the sex certainly hits the spot!

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