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Sydney Presley - Fresh Fiction feature

The doorbell rings, and standing on the step is a visitor, one who wants a cuppa or two and a chat. I can’t tell them to go away because my boys in my latest book need to finish what I made them start.

Sydney Presley - Female First feature

Just before One Bit at a Time was written, I'd noticed in the news and on social media that the world seemed to be forgetting that there are bigger things going on than the usual 'First World Problems'. Lots of complaints about everyday things had become big news-as though those everyday things were akin to bombs destroying lives or massive catastrophes and they had failed to be significant.

Sydney Presley - BTSe Mag feature

Writing, for me, frees the mind. It takes me somewhere else entirely, and I really enjoy being lifted from this world into one of my choosing. I wish everyone had this escape. It’s like life can throw you lemons, but so long as you have a work in progress to run to, it’s not so bad. However, what happens when writer’s block hits? Luckily, this doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does, it hits so hard I have no chance of forcing the words out.

Sydney Presley - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite fellow romance authors:

Helena Maeve, Faith Ashlin, Sean Michael. All of them have such depth to their work. Layers instead of flatness. There is always so much more than what is written. Fantastic trio.



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