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SA Welsh - Fresh Fiction feature

SA Welsh | Dating Profiles for Shifter Protection Specialists Inc.

Interview commenced at 12:05. Interviewer: David.

The applicant seems annoyed to be here and is most likely staying to appease friends or family. Note to self: Add a security question on application to ensure that applicants are willingly participating.

Name: Scott Cooper McCade
Age: 27
Appearance: Short dark hair, green eyes. 6ft.
Pet Peeve: The CIA. 

SA Welsh - BTSeMag feature

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who Shall Play My Characters All? by SA Welsh

SA Welsh - Author Spotlight feature

Do you enjoy writing about men with animal characteristics?

Hell yeah! I think the animal counterpart truly allows for the characters more primal and perhaps aggressive and protective tendencies to shine. The exploration of a passionate and insatiable appetite for naughty activities is also very fun to play with.

SA Welsh - USA Today feature

Three books on my keeper shelves?

Only three? OK, here it goes …

The Lord of the Rings 3in1 edition (I'm being sneaky) by J.R.R. Tolkien. Anyone who has seen my Facebook page will know that I am partial to a certain bow-and-arrow-wielding elf. However, the intricateMiddle-earth world calls to me because it is complete with triumph, loss and the oldest question of what kind of person you are at the core when faced with such adversity.

SA Welsh - Guys Like Romance Too feature

Hi, I am SA Welsh and I'd like to tell you a little about my new series Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. The first thing you need to know is that this series isn’t about a group of shiny heroes without a hair out of place that shift into cuddly animals that you can take on long walks in the park at sunset. No, Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. is made up of hardened predatory shifters from all over the globe that have true horrors in their past.

SA Welsh - BTSe Mag feature

Characters are people too. I don’t mean that characters appear behind you, looming over the back of your chair to peak at your kindle or book, because that would be creepy (yes, I just looked behind me to make sure there’s no one there), but rather that the best characters and certainly my favorite characters are those who appear to have a story and journey of their own. It is all very well to have a dream man with a killer body and cocky smile but does that really compensate for having no background, no likes or dislikes? In my opinion, no.