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Edward Kendrick - Female First Feature


Even though it's written as a thriller, 'Reaper' touches a subject that is close to my heart-the homeless, and especially the homeless youth, living on the street.


Edward Kendrick - BTSe Mag feature

Have you ever wondered if creatures such as vampires do exist? Well outside of the blood-sucking corporations and their ghouls in government, but that’s another issue. Why couldn’t there be vampires and werewolves and other things that go bump in the night? After all, if thirty-two percent of the world believes that a man can die and come back to life three days later, and twenty percent, give or take, believe in reincarnation, then there very well could be supernatural creatures out there.

Edward Kendrick - 3 Things for USA today

Three books on my keeper shelves:

• The Last Herald-Mage by Mercedes Lackey. This book was my first introduction to fantasy, Valdemar, and Ms. Lackey. It was also the first time I'd read anything involving gay characters. I was enthralled by Vanyel's story — how he dealt not only what he was and how he became a Herald but with his acceptance that he could love another man. It is a book (a compilation of the three Vanyel stories) that I have reread often.



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