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Remmy Duchene - Blog tour stop with The Blogger Girls

You see, I never had the hardship of coming out – for my regular readers, you know I’m a straight female who is a rampant supporter of the LGBT community. So I will never know the true hardness of it all. But I did have a friend come out to me and I do remember the fear that I saw in their eyes.

Remmy Duchene - Author Exclusive for Osaki

What can we expect from Osaki?

Well, Osaki is unlike anything I’ve written before. Sure, its similar to Ciro (book one in the Shivers series) in a way. Osaki shows the title character becoming a Shiver, but he is a man from a different time. He is from a time when Ronin (master-less Samurai) roamed the Japanese countryside.

Remmy Duchene - Guys Like Romance Too feature

Kon’nichiwa ,
I am Remmy Duchene and I am here to give you a peek at my series SHIVERS that has already begun at Totally Bound. It is a paranormal series, if you will, with Remmy-esque twist on Greek mythology. 

Remmy Duchene - BTSe Mag article

When I first wrote a story about a Japanese ex-Marine falling for an African American businessman, it was rejected by the first publisher I sent it to. Not because it was a horrible story, they loved the story. They just didn’t think a Japanese man would ever fall for an African American because apparently the Japanese see African Americans as “dirty.” To say I was mortified would be an understatement but I was more disappointed than anything else. I mean, I could not understand why they didn’t love my cultural blend as much as I did.

Remmy Duchene - USA Today feature

Three books on my keeper shelf:

• Autumn Lover by Elizabeth Lowell. This was the first romance novel given to me by a friend after I moved to Canada and I absolutely got lost within the pages. It was a remarkable read.