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Raven McAllan - BTS Magazine feature

My lovely husband is used to seeing me carrying a bag big enough to house the kitchen sink wherever we go. Other women can get on a plane with a tiny handbag hardly big enough for a credit card and a passport, looking like they stepped off the cover of vogue. Not me.

Raven McAllan - Totally Bound blog

What if they say they are you?

How many times have you looked up a friends name say on a social media site, or in the 'olden days', in the phone book to be confronted with several people of the same name. Or for instance even several people with the same name as yours?


Raven McAllan - Exclusive author feature

What can we expect from Taken Identity?

 A good read, I hope. A story that grips you, gives you goose bumps and makes you think, what if? A story that grabs you, pulls you into the happenings and makes you go all hot and bothered. Makes you laugh and cry, swear and go…oh yes… Oh and makes you root for Gray and Jules to get their happy ever after.

Raven McAllan - Coffee Time Romance feature

One of the hardest things for me as an author to answer is when someone says to me, “tell me why should I read your book?” Um… That’s so difficult. After all, ‘well I love it,” is not a good enough reply. 

Raven McAllan - Clitical feature

Do you have any suggestions/tips for aspiring writers and authors you’d like to share?
Write. Just write. And write as you can, not as you think you should. Your voice might not be as you think it is, but it’s yours and yours alone. Unique. So celebrate it, and let it out.

Raven McAllan- Rude Magazine feature

Do you ever look at your significant other, focus on one tiny bit of his or her body and go all shivery, have goose bumps and think oh my… magic…

I do.

Raven McAllan - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite holiday destinations, and it was so hard to choose … (If I didn't live here, I'd sayScotland.)

• Simitai, The Great Wall of China. The nearest you'll get to your own personal heaven. You can hear the silence. I admit to losing my bottle at one point and coming down several yards on my bum. Then a man appeared in flip flops and began to sweep the dirt.

Raven McAllan - Cara Sutra feature

Do you ever get that, oh wow, they want me moment?

I did, when I was asked to write this for Cara Sutra.

You see, I still have trouble believing I’m a published let alone—blowing my own trumpet here—a best selling author of Erotic Romance.

However I’ve just pinched myself, checked my screen shots and ratings, and I am so, here goes…

Raven McAllan - BTS emagazine piece

Location, Location, Location

Many moons ago I read a romance set in New Zealand. The descriptions of the scenery were so vivid I was hooked, and said immediately that I wanted to go and visit and see for myself. The author painted such a graphic picture of the areas the book was set in that I felt I was there with the characters. When eventually, many years after, I was lucky enough to visit the country, I had a fantastic sense of déjà vu. It was familiar. I remember walking around a corner in a village in Northland and knowing what was around the corner. All from a description in a book I’d read a long time before.

Raven McAllan - Female First Post

Writing Romance


How lucky am I? The day I was able to put 'author' in the little box that asks for your status on a form was a red letter day for me. I swear my hand shook as I wrote the word.

I'm an author. I write romance. All sorts of romance.


Not only do I decide what my characters are like, but in theory I get to tell you, the readers, their story. I say in theory because I'm one of those people known as a ‘pantster’. I start off with an idea, know where I want it to go and then sit back and enjoy… or not… the ride. Whether I get to where I thought I was going is in the lap of the gods…or the characters.



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