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Belinda Burke - BTS feature

As a writer of romance, I inevitably spend too much time wondering what, exactly, love is. It’s a deceptively simple kind of question – three words, no hard ones…except that in its own way, love may be the most difficult word there is.

Belinda Burke - Rainbow Book Reviews interview

Let's start with you telling us a little bit about yourself, Belinda.
About me…hmm. If there was such a thing, I spend far too much time reading – and then writing. I have a minor obsession with paneer, which is a kind of Indian cheese, so delicious.

Belinda Burke - Author Spotlight feature

What can we expect from Undone?

Undone is an exploration of love and lust, erotic romance that focuses on the why. What causes two people to fall together, or fall apart? How do you tell the difference between love and the desire for love? Neither Tighe nor Faelan is sure, but they’re certainly trying! 

Belinda Burke - BTSe Mag feature

These days, it seems like all you have to do is turn the corner or blink, and someone’s talking about a fairy tale, whether it’s going to be made into a book or a movie. Of course, it’s not just any fairy tales that are taking over, but dark ones. In the new versions, happily ever after is less a guarantee and more a hopeful question – though as I think of it, this is less a new trend and more a return to an old one.

Belinda Burke - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite actors:

• Gary Oldman. I first saw him in The Fifth Element, portraying Zorg as an admirably evil antagonist, but he really won me over in Dracula as the title character, where he plays both the young count, desperately seeking Mina's love, and the decrepit older version, broken by his own bloodlust and vengefulness.

Belinda Burke - Honorary Blogger with The Blogger Girls

I actually had another post entirely written for this, but then this morning – October 10th, a day that will live in infamy – I fell in love. This is not entirely unusual, but I did it having never seen the face of the man in question, while he talked to my friend who was standing in his cabin typing what he said to me. There’s a serious dose of the cold flutters in this feeling, but it’s still there while I’m writing and I wonder – what is love, anyway? Where on EARTH does it come from?


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