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LM Somerton - Divine Magazine spotlight

Lucinda lives in a small village in the English countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, cows and sheep. She started writing to fill time between jobs and is now firmly and unashamedly addicted.

Ethan Stone - Female First

Look, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, sometimes you need a bit of luck.

- Bear Grylls

Everyone likes to think that success in life is about hard work, but everything in life has an element of luck to it.


Molly Ann Wishlade - Female First feature

Horses and Harleys is a story of two wounded souls who find hope and healing through their interaction with each other and through their mutual love of horses.

As part of my research for the story, I looked into how animals can be helpful in the healing process, whether this is physical or psychological.


LM Somerton - Cara Sutra Erotic Author Spotlight

It’s LM Somerton in the erotic author spotlight this week, and you can enjoy finding out all about this lovely writer in her feature below. There are also three free excerpts from her hot novels to enjoy! 

LM Somerton - Interview with Daniel Riding

So tell me a little bit about yourself, where are you from and what do you write?
Hi Daniel - I was born in Bath, Somerset and if you talk to me on the phone you’ll hear I haven’t quite lost the accent. I’ve worked in marketing communications for more years than I care to remember and now live in Northamptonshire. I’m married, with a teenage daughter.

LM Somerton - Because Two Men are Better than One featured author

We are excited about the launch of Pride Publishing and to help celebrate their launch, will be introducing you to some of their fabulous authors each week. 

LM Somerton - ARe Cafe Q&A

Testing Lysander follows a shorter story,Picturing Lysander. Had you known you’d write a full-length sequel?

Yes, I did. When Totally Bound asked me to be part of the What’s his Passion anthology, the deal was to follow up with a full length story. I think it’s a great idea – readers get a taste of characters they might like, then the chance to get to know them better.

LM Somerton - BTSe Mag feature

As a writer, I readily admit to coming from a biased viewpoint however, as one of the main characters in my latest release is a photographer who is very passionate about his art, I’ve tried to look at both sides of the argument. Honestly. The phrase is a well-worn cliché but its longevity suggests there might be some truth at its root. Today we are bombarded with image-rich content.

LM Somerton - Divine Magazine featured author for June

How did you feel when your first novel was accepted for publication?

Disbelieving – I thought it was a mistake. Then euphoric. Then nauseous because I was convinced that no-one would like what I wrote.

LM Somerton - Testing Lysander trailer

LM Somerton - NLA-I Award nominee

Rasputin's Kiss has been nominated for the Pauline Reage Novel Award!

LM Somerton - NLA-I Award nominee

Mantrap is a semi-finalist for the John Preston Short Story Award!

LM Somerton - Rainbow Book Reviews featured author

Has it been everything you thought it would be or not?
Writing is much harder work than it might appear. It takes a lot of hours, which I have to fit in around a full time job and family. I love it though and couldn’t give it up now. I need to get all those chattering characters out of my head and on to paper.

LM Somerton - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite fellow romance authors:

• Sean Michael. I confess I am a bit of a fangirl when it comes to Sean. His were some of the first M/M books I read and I'm still an avid collector of his series. Being published in the same anthology (What's His Passion) was a real writing high.

LM Somerton - Blog Tour Stop with MM Good Book Reviews

Writing Tarot’s Touch gave me a great excuse for researching the history of the cards – a subject I’ve always been fascinated by. Playing cards were in eastern culture as early as the 10th century however these eastern cards were a lot different to those found in Europe. The name ‘Tarot’ itself has been described as Egyptian, Hebrew, Latin, and Italian. It is most likely that the word used to describe the cards has Italian origins. The Italian word for cards is ‘Tarocchi’ which comes from the Valley of Taro River north of Italy. This is where some believe the cards originated in the 15th century.

LM Somerton - Golden Flogger Award Nominee

Rasputin's Kiss has been nominated for the BDSM Writers Con Golden Flogger Award for BEST BDSM Book of the Year 2015 in our LGBT D/s category. 

LM Somerton - Exclusive Author feature

How do you go about writing the BDSM elements in your books?

Research! Not personally though. I have good friends in the lifestyle and they are very willing to try out new toys and report back. There are lovely people out there in internet land who are appreciative of authors who portray BDSM in a positive way and are very happy to offer insights and advice. It’s a really great community. 

LM Somerton - Hard Riders Exclusive


Did you have to do a lot of research about biker gangs for this story?

My research focussed mainly on language and terminology. I looked in to the history of gangs and the various clubs that exist today. However, The Wyverns aren’t typical. You wouldn’t catch them riding around Charming with SAMCRO, so I felt able to take a few creative liberties with their lifestyle. 

LM Somerton - Blog Tour Stop with Fallen Angel Reviews

Attraction can set the brain and the heart to fighting it out, creating a lot of emotional confusion along the way. In my latest short story, Mantrap, part of the Hard Riders anthology, the lead character Rogue Hellaby is the archetypal bad boy biker, so what’s the appeal of the bad boy who gets… well in this case, the boy?

LM Somerton - Clitical interview

What does your family think of your writing?
As long as it doesn’t interfere with provision of food, hugs, laundry or taxi services, they just look on in bemusement and if I mutter any sentence with the word ‘deadline’ in it, they know to steer clear!

LM Somerton - Guys Like Romance Too feature

Many of my characters have plenty to give thanks for. I do have a habit of dragging them through the mill a bit before they get their happy endings, so I thought I’d let one of them talk about what giving thanks would mean to him. Olly Glenn is the central character in Reaching the Edge, the first book in my Tales from the Edge series and he appears in all the subsequent books. He’s a bubbly, irrepressible brat with golden curls and an alarming propensity for getting in to trouble…

L.M. Somerton - Rainbow Awards Finalist

Rasputin's Kiss is a finalist in the Gay Contemporary Romance category at this year's Rainbow Awards.

What's his Passion Box Set Trailer

L.M. Somerton - ARe Cafe post

In the winter of 1943, the War Office informed the inhabitants of the small Wiltshire village of Imber that their homes were being requisitioned for the war effort. With the D-Day landings just a few months away, the government needed places to train American troops for the sort of house-to-house fighting that they expected to encounter in Nazi-occupied Europe. The story of this lost village had been in the back of my head for a while and it provided the perfect setting for the ‘test’ that Kyle puts Brock through in Picturing Lysander.

L.M. Somerton - ARe Cafe post

One of my favourite scenes in A Double-Edged Sword is set in the Temple Church in London. The history of the Templar knights is fascinating and in this story, a role-playing game about them provides a cover for a much more sinister plot.

LM Somerton - Feature for BTSe Magazine

How many times have you heard that the Inuit have a huge number of words for snow? It’s an essential element of their culture and understanding the stuff can be the difference between life and death. There are over a million words in the English language, which is one heck of a playground for a writer, so it’s intriguing that there is only one word for love.


Picturing Lysander Book Trailer

L.M. Somerton - ARe Cafe, National Leather Association awards

Last month, I was over the moon to hear that my very first published work, The Portrait, had won the Pauline Reage novel award from the National Leather Association: International. The NLA:I is a leading organization for activists in the pansexual SM/leather community and their annual awards are given for excellence in literary works in SM/leather/fetish writing.

L.M. Somerton - Interview for Living on the Edge

To what extent do you believe that it takes courage to give in when resisting temptation?

I wouldn’t apply this to all temptations — chocolate for example, it doesn’t take much courage to give in to that! But feelings are different and I think people often believe they must resist following their heart rather than their head. The courage comes from taking a chance that what the heart tells them may just be right…

L.M. Somerton - Interview for Reaching the Edge

You live in a small village in the English countryside, so how much do these surroundings affect your inspiration?

I haven’t used my village as a setting yet, though it has potential! I do use places that I’ve been — often my favourite parts of the country. I used Cumbria in Mountain Rescue and Exmoor in The Portrait, both very special to me. The Edge series is set in London and North Yorkshire, so full of contrasting landscapes…