Cassandra Gold

By day, Cassandra is a (relatively) mild-mannered middle school teacher. At night, she lets the characters in her head out to play as she writes erotic romance. Unfortunately for her husband, neither of Cassandra's personas enjoys doing housework.

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RT @scot_doc: @Bill_Maxwell_ Has finally spent all of daddy’s money, and the banks are no longer bailing him out.
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RT @ElginCharles: Arizona has OFFICIALLY been called for @JoeBiden. He is the first Dem to take Arizona since the 90s. For Trump's sycop…
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RT @SconeOf: The Tory govt knows that The Hague will find against them in a fight over right to an indyref. BUT only if we get over 50% of…
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RT @landerking_king: @LoubinWally @weecharliesdad @SheronWilkie didn't they send him on a 'victory tour' in 2016 to keep him out of the way?
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