Ellen Ashe

You have an energy, the Clairvoyant told me. "People are attracted to you because of it." She paused. "Both living and dead."

This revelation was shared with me not so long ago. Looking back on forty some years I could see how this simple statement could explain much. Strangers who feel comfortable telling me their problems, children who smile and take my hand, even stray animals- unapproachable- yet they respond to the sound of my voice. But most of all it has been that sense that I am never alone. A voice when no one is there, footsteps following me, my name called out in an empty house, a weight sitting on my bed in the dead of night…

"You are an old soul," she smiled. "It comes through in your creativity."

I write because my mind has always been a tumultuous rush of noise- voices- continually chattering. One by one these ?people' have come forward to tell me ?their' stories. I listen and I type. I wonder sometimes just how thin the line is between reality and madness. Yet I believe in what is unseen. I believe that shadows move. Each voice has a story, and I am pleased that they have faith in me to tell those stories.

I believe in them because they believe in me.

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Reviews (5)

WOW!!! I never would have guessed THAT for an ending. I really enjoyed the story.

Misery Loves Company is not your ordinary romance. Ellen Ashe brings creepy to a whole new level and I love it...Misery Loves Company should be in a category all its own because the happily eve...

Grade B! This is the first book that I have read by Ms. Ashe and it certainly won't be the last. I found the almost gothic atmosphere of this book appealing and the ending to be surprisi...

MISERY LOVES COMPANY is an incredibly moving tale that pushes the boundaries of typical romance. Ms. Ashe is a wonderful writer, and I am curious as to what will come next.

Ellen Ashe is a master at making the pulses jump and the thoughts whirl with her stories. Misery Loves Company is another brilliant example of that talent.