Kacie Ji

When she’s not writing or sleeping, Kacie can be found discussing plot twists with her cat who usually seems to enjoy being a part of the process. On the days he’s not, she usually finds herself wishing there was a way to mainline coffee while she writes, deletes and tweaks until what she sees makes her smile.

You can take a look at Kacie's Website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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RT @beth_phelan: my excellent reader got a full-time job!!!!!! thrilled for her but also now i need a new reader! if you're interested in…
 Tweeted 23/10/2021 06:42
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RT @play_spotlight: A member of our Crazy Maple Studio family is turning 4 years today! 🍁🥳 Happy 4th Anniversary, @ChaptersGame ! 💜🎂 #Spo…
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