Dionie McNair

Dionie was a closet writer for several years before she got brave enough to share her work with anyone, until she joined Eyre Writers Inc, a creative writing group in the seaside town of Port Lincoln and really began to improve.

Her first book was a 100,000 words family saga novel but after studying children’s literature at university she embarked on a new direction—writing a young adult fantasy novel.

After being made redundant from the job she loved in 2011 she became a carer for her frail, vision-impaired mother and turned to fulfilling her dream of becoming a writer.

When Dionie is not writing she enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially her mother and three wonderful adult children and adorable grandchildren. She also enjoys egg decorating and carving, reading of course, painting, gardening and cooking.

Dionie currently lives in the beautiful ‘city of churches’, Adelaide South Australia.

You can take a look at Dionie's Website and follow her on Twitter.

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The author is amazing at portraying the painful suffering that Tabitha endures. The constant frustration of failed interventions, the constant worry that something will happen and the frustratin...

This plot goes beyond entertaining me and poses the chance for a survivor of bullying to find comfort and encouragement.

I am very pleased that my girls have had the chance to read thi...

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Finding the Upside of Down by Dionie McNair via @LASReviews
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RT @DIYauthor: Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words. - Mark Twain
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