Jill Steeples

Jill Steeples lives with her husband, two children and a high maintenance English Pointer called Amber in a lovely house surrounded by Monkey Puzzle trees in a small market town in the UK. When she’s not writing, she loves spending time with family and friends, and enjoys reading (of course!), films, musical theatre, walking, baking and eating cakes and drinking wine!

Her short stories have appeared in anthologies and women’s magazines around the world and she is the author of four romantic comedy novels. 

You can take a look Jill's website and her blog. You can also follow her on Facebook and Goodreads.

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Jill Steeples - Fresh Fiction feature

Love at first sight. It’s a wonderfully romantic notion, but does such a thing actually exist? When I first met my husband many moons ago I can remember experiencing a whole range of emotions, but love certainly didn’t come into it! 

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Reviews (4)

 I really liked this read. It had a good plotline, great character development.

Jill Steeples is a new author to me, but I truly enjoyed Molly Matthews Meddles in Marriage . The characters were sexy , fun and sweet. It was fascinating to watch Rory and Molly work through em...

What a cute romance!! This romance was such a cute, fun read! I loved Rory!  He knew what he wanted and went after it!  I was disappointed in Molly that she was so closed off...

Just when you think you have your own world figured out, someone comes along to change that world. That is what readers will find in Molly Matthews Meddles in Marriage. Add some humor and a good...

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