Jane Dougherty

Jane Dougherty writes stories where the magical and the apocalyptic mesh, where horror and romance meet, and the real and the imaginary cohabit on the same page.

Jane was born and grew to her present height in Yorkshire then was dragged into the sleazy underbelly of existence--work--in London. Even though it involved drinking lots of wine and getting paid for it, she rebelled. She escaped to Paris, fell under a powerful enchantment and has been wandering from French pillar to French post ever since. In the strange world she inhabits, she writes the rules, creates the landscapes, the people and the magic. She also bends the rules of physics, plays Cupid and hands out happy endings to deserving characters.

You can take a look at Jane's Blog and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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Reviews (3)

This book reminded me of Lord of the Flies; it had that same sinister atmosphere. It’s unnerving to see how brutal our sweet, precious children can become when left to their own devices i...

The author adds great description and paints a clear picture for the reader to understand ho...

This is a fantastic story, but very dark and intense. The story is unique and the world-building excellent- along the lines of The Hunger Games or Walking Dead (without zombies). 


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