Living in clean, green New Zealand, Pelaam is a multi-published author of gay romance and erotica.

When not working at writing, Pelaam likes to indulge in her other passions of cookery and wine appreciation.


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Pelaam - Author Spotlight

What can we expect from Firebird?

Firebird is science fiction and a little darker than most of my books. On Cassian’s world, a Firebird is a dangerous predator of legend that lives high in the mountains. However, Cassian not only discovers that the Firebird, Arturri, is a castaway from another world, but that the true monsters are far closer to home. 

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Pelaam - Down Under Showcase

Favorite genres to write in and why?

Sci-fi/paranormal/fantasy. These have always been my greatest loves. They give my imagination the greatest level of freedom when writing.

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Reviews (21)

I love variations on the Firebird tale in any form, so I was thrilled to pick this up. Pelaam delivered a well-written, sensual story that went beyond my expectations. It was an unusual take on ...

This is not a pretty tale, or a sweet romance, but I got caught up in wanting so much for Cassian and Arturri to be safe. The flying scene in the epilogue was beautiful and the few love scenes betw...
I’ve read a lot of fantasy, but Pelaam in Firebird managed to come up with an interesting twist, The Firebird of the title exists in a mostly modern world with planes and guns and space travel. W...

Well written story with beautiful descriptions of Dragon’s Lair and the dragons. Great story with drama, adventure, a dash of danger and action. Plus some hot sex between Jarah and E...

Special Delivery is a fun take on the uncool high school kid who crushes on an unavailable cool kid. What I liked most about the story is how Valentine’s Day turned out for Jack, thanks to Tan’...


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