N.J. Nielsen

NJ needs to write like she needs to breathe. It’s an addiction that she never intends to find a cure for. When you don’t find NJ writing about the wonderful men in her stories you find her reading work by others who she greatly admires. NJ lives in the SE of Qld, Australia with her family who all encourage her writing career even if she does occasionally call them by her character’s names. NJ thinks that anyone taking the time to read her stuff is totally awesome.


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Reviews (9)

There is so much going on in Beautiful Goodbyes that readers will be laughing one moment and crying the next...I was up late into the night reading this book, you think I would have learned by n...

If you are looking for a genuinely feel-good story, then Family Connections is perfect for you. N.J. Nielsen has gifted us with more than two wonderful heroes and a few heroines thrown in for go...

With each new book, I find myself becoming a bigger fan of Ms. Nielsen’s and Family Connections is no different.  This is a story that will pull the reader in from...

I am a fan of the paranormal genre and when it is spiced with intrigue and romance, even better. N.J. Nielsen brings us the first of a new series that pits good against evil and right against wr...

I liked that it wasn’t as angsty as I’d been anticipating, and where there was action on the page, it was satisfying. I really enjoyed the different take on vampire origins and their connect...



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