Kelly Ethan

Kelly Ethan enjoys writing paranormal and urban fantasy romance.

No matter the genre, Kelly loves kick-ass and sarcastic heroines who like to save the day and the hero.

Writing is her outlet for madness. She has worked as a library assistant and reviewed category romance novels. She moves regularly around Australia every few years and is a supernatural/paranormal TV junkie. She inhales paranormal, erotica, urban fantasy, science fiction and fantasy, middle grade, young adult, and military spy thrillers.


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Kelly Ethan - USA Today feature

Joyce: What TV show interferes with your writing schedule?

Kelly: I’m a HUGE Whovian, so Doctor Who completely sidelines my writing. Everything stops for the Doctor and woe betide anyone who talks through my show.

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Kelly Ethan - BTSe Mag feature

Writing is a solitary job. Some of us have critique and writers groups and author cocktail hour (or is that only me?). But the actual sit your bum down on chair; fingers flying over keyboard and quality word count, can only be done by…me.

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Reviews (2)

Thrown into a world that she never knew existed, Cassandra learns that she isn't the ordinary woman she though she was. A highly entertaining read, Cassandra is a very relatable character, and who ...

I liked that Kyla was a strong female character and she was the Captain of the Guard not just some submissive thing, I think that is what helped me like the story.Damien is good but seems a...

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Free and .99c books including The Pernicious Pixie and the Choked Word by Kelly Ethan. Check it out #cozy mystery
 Tweeted 04/09/2020 07:30
Awww unexpected snow storm equals flooding in the new family room 😭 #writersnowedin #sendchocolate
 Tweeted 05/08/2020 02:07
Wahooo. Book 4 in my Point Muse Cozy Paranormal Mystery Series: The Cursed Crow and the Deadly Hex is up on Amazon…
 Tweeted 01/08/2020 01:40
FYI in case anyone missed it... my next cozy paranormal mystery is up for preorder #cozymystery #amwriting
 Tweeted 21/07/2020 23:30


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