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Vicktor Alexander - Guys Like Romance Too feature

Sometimes a Sir meets his boy in the most innocent of places. It can be at work. It can be in line at the grocery store. It can even be while they are standing around at the airport waiting to board. The important thing is the connection. Someone says something that alerts the other to the fact that they are in the Lifestyle and the other picks up on the fact that they are. Because not everyone is wearing leather gear, not everyone has tattoos or is flagging to a certain side. Not everyone has their flogger attached to their belt loops like me.

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Vicktor Alexander - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite actors:

• John Barrowman. Besides being incredibly gorgeous, John Barrowman is a fabulous actor. He's versatile, unabashedly in-your-face, fun and extremely talented. I found out about him when he was on Doctor Who, and it was "stalk-lust-at-first-sight"… I mean … I was a fan at first sight. Yeah. I followed him over toTorchwood, which is a show I'm obsessed with and can recite word-for-word.

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This was a really good book to read. The sex was hot between them. Well written and an amazing read.

This is a great short story I only wish it was longer. This was an amazingly cute story that encompassed many emotions as well as trials and tribulations. The book shows that everything can be easi...
The writing in this story flowed well. Once I stared, I couldn’t put the book down. I’m sorry it took me so long to get to it. I would’ve missed two flawed, but fun characters. Alexander’s ...
Very sweet story of Keith, Russell’s best friend, coming to terms with his sexuality when he stops and helps Estevian. Along the way, Keith discovers that he cares a great deal for Estevian ...
Another Alexander gem folks! Don't miss this one.