Barbara Sheridan

Award winning novelist Barbara Sheridan grew up a fan of historical novels, TV westerns and all things paranormal. She also acquired a fondness for J-rock, samurai films and all things royalty related. Coupled with her love of character driven books, film and TV, all these things have come together to shape her writing interests. Barbara lives in Western Pennsylvania and loves hearing from readers and “meeting” them via social media.

You can take a look at Barbara's Website and follow her on Twitter.

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Reviews (4)

Ms. Sheridan has created a wonderfully binding story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes historical romances with lots of sensual action. I loved it!

This was a great read. Although the story is fiction, it remains true to the prejudices common to this time and the type of difficulty that individuals of this era faced...

4.5 out of 5!...I really adored this touching and powerful emotion-packed story and highly recommend reading it.

This story was amazing! I loved the way Ms. Sheridan wove the past and present together while maintaining the integrity of historical fact. 

This book is so well written. The emot...

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