J Calamy

J Calamy is a queer, disabled veteran and foreign service wonk who spends a good part of the year bouncing down dirt roads in the back of range rovers with men with guns. Coffee, romance novels, and embassy scuttlebutt are her last remaining vices.

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 Tweeted 24/06/2022 22:43
RT @business: Patagonia will provide bail for employees who are arrested while protesting after the US Supreme Court eliminated the constit…
 Tweeted 24/06/2022 22:40
Just a reminder that there is a reason Gen Xers didn’t feel safe coming out until later in life.
 Tweeted 24/06/2022 17:18
RT @k4mil1aa: 🧵 THREAD. What #that man did to his ex wife is nothing new. It’s called DARVO and it’s used by abusers to portray themselves…
 Tweeted 24/06/2022 17:07


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