AT Lander

AT Lander has loved stories, both the reading and the telling, since she was a child. Born in upstate New York to an English professor and a former librarian, she now lives in the queerest part of Massachusetts. She never leaves home without a knitting project or a pencil, and she’s never met a cat she doesn’t like.

She has worked as an history museum guide, a professional storyteller, and an actress, sharing tales of what was, what could have been, and what can only be imagined. World mythology is her driving passion, as what better way to understand a people than through the tales they tell?

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So that’s why Tarzan Sr. died in the beginning—he had the dice curse!
 Tweeted 02/12/2021 14:43
 Tweeted 02/12/2021 14:34
‘Tis the season. The very short fraction of the season when it’s pretty but not up to my knees.
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