Eilis Muir

Eilis (Irish Gaelic, pronounced Eye-Lish) has always gone her own way, which has led to an unconventional life full of adventure.  She spent many years videotaping whales in Cape Cod, MA and off season she traveled.  She has hiked glaciers in Patagonia, kayaked fjords in Norway, and sailed from Key West to Cuba.  Eilis lived in the US Virgin Islands for eight years and sailed throughout the Caribbean and in the Mediterranean.

She later spent three years driving across the US in an RV on a book tour and landed in the mountains of New Mexico where she built a natural off grid cabin. After living there for a few years, she ventured across the Sangre de Christo mountain range to Los Alamos where she published a community magazine and worked as a clearance investigator. She fell in love with a scientist there and now lives with him and two lovable cats.

Eilis has always believed in stretching limits. Her greatest joy is found in allowing her imagination to run wild. Since she was a child, Eilis has dreamed up elaborate plots and characters in situations that push boundaries.  Much of her writing is inspired by her own experiences, deep thoughts, and her intuitions about human potential and the passions that drive us.  

Find out more at her website.

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