Alyssa Rabil

Alyssa has always had a love for fiction. She read her first romance novel from her mother’s collection. Her first love story was about a tiger that fell in love with a zebra.

Alyssa lives in a wild west with her cats. She loves cooking and writing.

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I know the judges want Lawrence Chaney to win #DragRaceUK but I’m rooting for Bimini!
 Tweeted 26/02/2021 05:04
I just want to say thank you to my brother @the_bards_party for letting me write so many queer characters in The Games
 Tweeted 18/02/2021 21:47
RT @KimChi_Chic: @thatonequeen The part I have a issue with is the part Eisenhower added in 1954, “one nation under god”. Not everyone beli…
 Tweeted 18/02/2021 01:40
The MacGregor Bowerbird is my soulmate. Or maybe I’ve had too much wine.
 Tweeted 14/02/2021 06:40


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