Katherine E Hunt

Katherine E Hunt ran off with a Frenchman twenty years ago. She now lives on a French mountain with three children and two dogs. When she isn’t writing contemporary romance she can be found huddled up in front of a roaring fire, with a glass of Chardonnay in one hand and a book in the other.

You can find out more about Katherine on her website.

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Liberating Jane was so much fun! This was my first opportunity to read something from Katherine E. Hunt, and now I want to read her other books. Jane is a young widow who is adjusting to her new...

This is the second book in the series, best to read in order, but not necessary. The premise that widows can have fun, enjoy life and their sexy times is shining through in this story. I do love...

(I) have loved this series, they don't need to be read in order but it is advisable. There is a bit of mystery with this story, but the hot and steamy action shines through.

Author Katherine E. Hunt has given readers some exciting and quick romance reads with her Mended Hearts series. Each book features a new heroine and resident of a special community of very satis...

This book really kept me captivated until the end. It was one of those "just one more chapter" books when you know you're supposed to be going to bed because you need to wake up early the next m...

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My marketing student daughter asking for a romantic quote from my book... Me :
 Tweeted 17/10/2021 20:06
Post a character that has your vibe.
 Tweeted 17/10/2021 16:46
Still chuckling about my French husband saying, 'Why did you call your book $*@&!?' 😂🤣
 Tweeted 17/10/2021 16:44
Becca Syme's 'Writer...' series has a special offer bundle atm on Amazon and I thoroughly recommend her books. We s…
 Tweeted 17/10/2021 12:47
How much of Tucci on Instagram on a Sunday afternoon is too much Tucci on Instagram on a Sunday afternoon?
 Tweeted 17/10/2021 12:04


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