Elizabeth Hollows

Elizabeth Hollows is an Australian writer of LGBT love stories specializing in homosexual or lesbian romance.

Her preferred genres are fantasy, science fiction and contemporary/modern.

She has been writing since she was twelve, but has spent the last few years writing romance stories and discovering a passion for LGBT romance.

When Elizabeth is not writing she embroiders, reads and plots her next novel. She is a fan of the winter months and always has a book in her handbag and a cup of tea nearby.

You can find Elizabeth at her website here

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Reviews (5)

This is the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. It is beautifully written and easy to read. This is the story of Will Brewer and Blaine Stewart. Will is a painfully sh...

This is a sweet read and I really enjoyed how these two men, both of them hesitant to open themselves up, but for different reasons. Blain, although attracted to Will, had recently gotten out of...

Exceptionally well written M/M romance. It's like the author did a well choreographed dance with words, sometimes fast paced, sometimes slowing down, the two characters moving in rhythm to a won...

One has a yearning; the soldier has a plan, Hooah! A well-written and edited book with tongue-in-cheek humor with lots of passion. Friends who become fake lovers with hopes it becomes the real t...

This book has all the ingredients for an adorable romance— new neighbors with undeniable chemistry and complimenting personalities, a headstrong cat, and an even more headstrong octogenarian n...



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