P. Stormcrow

Award-winning author P. Stormcrow has always been an avid reader across the fantasy and sci fi genres but early on, found herself always looking for the love story in each book. Coming to terms with her love for love later in life, she now writes steamy romances that examine social norms and challenge conventional tropes of the genre, usually on her phone. And yes, she has walked into walls and poles doing so.  

When she’s not reading or writing (or even when she is), she enjoys copious amounts of tea, way too much sugary treats, one too many sci fi / fantasy / paranormal TV shows (team Dean all the way) and every otome game she can possibly find. 

You can find out more at P. Stormcrow's website.

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This is an extremely well-written slow burn romance with a kinky edge. It explores the feelings of an intelligent woman and her desire to be submissive and all the implications that go with the ...

When writing a review especially for a book I really enjoy like this I wish I was a professional writer. So I could better express how I feel about this book. The characters are all amazing from...

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In anticipation of the 3rd book of the series coming out, #ThePlaygrounds is on sale this week. Check out the first…
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I am so excited for this! Can't wait to see you guys live!
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