Meredith Daniels

Meredith Daniels is a firm believer in the power of a good love story. She's always found something magical about the journey of characters finding themselves, and a love worth fighting for. She lives in Ohio with her husband, four kids, and two dogs who think they're people. When not helping a couple deserving guys find their happily ever after, Meredith is usually drinking way too much coffee and chatting on Twitter.

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YAY! So excited release day is *finally* here! 😘
 Tweeted 12/03/2019 17:36
IT’S RELEASE DAY! *flails* #menofdevotion #jackanddillon #releaseday #bookbirthday
 Tweeted 12/03/2019 15:26
SEVENTEEN DAYS! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! #Homecoming #MenofDevotion #PridePublishing #loveislove
 Tweeted 23/02/2019 22:58
Pre-orders are LIVE! Pride Publishing: Amazon US:
 Tweeted 29/01/2019 12:23
I cannot tell you guys how excited I am! Preorders available soon! #teamJackandDillon #Homecoming #ComingSoon
 Tweeted 10/01/2019 14:55

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