Women on Top: A Box Set

By Larissa Vine

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The Plumber and Her Billionaire

Two people from very different worlds trying for the almost impossible—a future together.

Tegan McCall hasn’t got time for men. She’s too busy trying to save the failing plumbing company that she inherited from her dad. But when she meets Blake Stone, she’s thrown. Not only is he off-the-radar hot, but he actually listens when she tells him about her design concepts. It’s a shame he can’t save her company.

Billionaire Blake Stone is blown away by Tegan. This she-warrior is so different from the glossy, vacant women who usually drift through his life. He offers her a job fitting bathrooms in his high-end hotel in Canada’s premium ski resort. Sure, the deadlines are tight and Tegan’s company has limited resources, but he’s still being business-minded. And there’s no way that Tegan will ever find out that he owns the hotel or has awarded her the contract, right?

Tegan moves to Whistler to work on the hotel, but things aren’t what they appear. She doesn’t get to meet the hotel’s mysterious owner, and the guy whom she deals with is unfriendly, even hostile. Her suspicions are aroused and soon she’s investigating…and uncovering things people would rather stayed buried.

Blake and Tegan are two people from very different worlds. If they want any chance of a future together, they’ll have to navigate not just sabotage and deceit—but lust and love.


The Magician and Her Playboy

Believe in the magic of love.

Lydia Greene is beginning to believe that magic is real. One minute, she’s an up-and-coming illusionist scrabbling to make a living and, the next minute, hot billionaire Conner McCullagh offers to take her show to Las Vegas. It’s not like she trusts him. After what happened with her dad, she refuses to believe in any man. Even so, she’s delighted that handsome Conner is giving her a chance at the big time.

Property developer and playboy Conner is facing a test. He has two months to make a failing hotel profitable. If he succeeds, he’ll get to strike out on his own in a new career with his father’s blessing. Conner believes that Lydia’s astounding act will be the solution. Hopefully, she’ll work her magic on the hotel just like she’s working it on him.

In Vegas, Lydia becomes caught up in the excitement of her unfolding romance with Conner. But things aren’t as they appear. The magician who’s helping her to prepare for her show isn’t as well-intended as she first thinks and, suspicious, she turns detective…and discovers an underbelly of darkness beneath Vegas’ glitz.

Conner and Lydia are two people from two different worlds who believe in the magic of love. But if they want their future together to be more than an illusion, they’re going to need more than abracadabra…


The Comedian and Her Caveman

Laughter is the best aphrodisiac.

Comedian Wren isn’t laughing. Since her fiancé died three years ago, she’s been struggling to keep things together and she’s developed a debilitating phobia of water. When she’s offered a job on a cruise ship, she takes it, hoping it will help cure her phobia and allow her to move on.

Geologist Brett Fortescue knows a sweet deal when he sees one—take his mother on a cruise as part of her bucket list and give her a holiday to remember and, in return, his father will provide him with much-needed funding for his lab. It’s a no-brainer.

When Wren’s and Brett’s paths cross on the glitzy Serendipity, bound for Alaska, romance blossoms. But things aren’t what they seem… Brett realizes that his mother’s bucket-list tour is mired with hidden agendas and that he’ll have to turn his plans upside down to make her holiday memorable. Wren discovers that if she wants to keep her job, she’ll have to out-perform a rival entertainer. For her show to shine, she has to be funny. Problem is, she’s not sure how anymore.

Maybe Brett’s the one who can teach her how to laugh and—more importantly—to love again?


The Ghost Hunter and Her Guy

A love so strong, it’s supernatural.

When medium Jolene Gray is offered a lucrative contract as a psychic on a television show, she jumps at the chance. The money will pay for her spiritualist meetings that help connect people with their departed loved ones…and she’ll get to work with smoking-hot TV director Red MacFarlene. Jolene’s life is woefully lacking in romance. It’s hard to have a boyfriend with her spirit guide, Iris, always in her head.

This is Red McFarlene’s golden ticket, an opportunity to direct an episode of the phenomenally popular TV series Canada’s Most Haunted. By doing this, Red hopes to launch a new career directing movies like his sickeningly perfect brother. Bonus—the show’s ghost hunter is the gorgeous and gifted Jolene.

As filming starts on a famously haunted farm, a place steeped in tragedy with a history of vengeful ghosts, Jolene senses that the spirits want something, but her guide is blocking them from her, and she’s also sidetracked by her steamy romance with Red.

The ghost activity increases, though, and soon it’s not just the TV show that’s at stake. To face the specters and protect Red from dangerous paranormal forces, Jolene must ignore the voice in her head, and listen to her heart…before it’s too late.

General Release Date: 26th December 2023

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-872-7
Word Count: 159,559
Language: English
Pages: 645

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Larissa Vine

British-born Larissa Vine spent way too long traveling before settling in Vancouver, Canada. Now she lives close to the ocean and the mountains with her ever-patient family and her army of cats. Larissa tries to write what she loves to read – books which are tender, cheeky, even dirty sometimes. Books which are, above all…fun!

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