One Motion More PRINT

By L A Tavares

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Actions speak louder than words.

Long-haired bad-boy guitarist Xander has skeletons in his closet that refuse to stay dead. After a series of setbacks, Xander hits new lows, almost costing himself his reputation and career. While trying to take steps in the right direction toward better decisions and good choices, he meets Natalie, and for the first time—maybe ever—Xander sees past himself and past the music his rock band is famous for.

Their relationship is an unlikely one, with outside factors creating obstacles the two would have to tackle to make their love work.

He is reckless while she is responsible.

He thrives in the spotlight while she will do anything to avoid it.

He speaks fluent profanity while she doesn’t speak at all.

He works to win her heart, despite having to overcome the communication barrier, while she tries to look past the intensity of the spotlight they find themselves in.

General Release Date: 9th March 2021

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ISBN: 978-1-83943-957-5
Word Count: 83,762
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 330

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L A Tavares

When it comes to romance, L A doesn’t have a type. Sometimes it’s dark and devastating, sometimes it’s soft and simple - truly, it just depends what her imaginary friends are doing at the time she starts writing about them.

L A has moved to various parts of the country over the last ten years but her heart has never left Boston.

And no, the “A” does not stand for Anne.

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  Reviewed by Alicia N.

LA Tavares has such a brilliant way with words that as you read them you live them. The colors of the sky and the sunshine flash through my mind, like personal photographs. The way she describes venue...

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