A Rose Among Beasts

By Haylynn Downing

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All of the depravity we crave in our favorite fairy tale.

Six years after her mother’s death, Brielle never imagined the escape she needed from a life she’d never wanted would come in the form of three ruthless brothers. The Grimm Brothers.

Three men bound by name and loyalty, Xander, Rhys and Everett have a debt to collect, and the life of Brielle’s father fits the bill. They have a plan…until Brielle gets in the way.

With Brielle as their prisoner, they must decide if she’s truly an enemy, a pawn in a larger game, or an innocent woman who’s simply been caught in the crossfire. As emotions grow and tensions flare, they find themselves circling one critical question. Who is being hunted?

Brielle, torn between her family and the unexplored desires sparked by these mysterious men, must learn for herself whether they will be her awakening or her undoing. Someone is framing her family. Someone is after her.

Will they find the true villain behind it all? Or be ripped apart trying?

Prove your loyalty.

Protect your family.

Or die trying.


Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, kidnapping, and attempted sexual assault.

General Release Date: 2nd July 2024

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-913-7
Word Count: 53,911
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 203

About the author
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Haylynn Downing

A mother, wife, and avid reader, Haylynn Downing grew up with an innate love of writing. In every notebook from her childhood, you can find doodles of characters and stories scribbled amongst the schoolwork that was meant to be on their pages. A resident of the Midwest, Haylynn spends her free time enjoying the ever-changing weather with her family, and creating books for her readers to enjoy. As a newly found erotica reader, it wasn't until 2020 that Haylynn discovered her passion for writing steamy, sexy romances. Now, not a day passes that new plotlines and possessive alpha males aren't taking up residence in the back of her mind, just waiting to come to life. 

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