A Granted Wish

By Lily Michaels

Sexy Snax collection (Book #142)

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Book Description
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A workplace romance can melt the heart of a real estate mogul Scrooge.

Over the three years Adam Meade has worked for Grant Alexander, his crush has steadily grown, until the annual holiday party, where he finally musters the courage—both actual and a touch of the liquid variety—to dare push their professional relationship in a vastly different direction. A tentative kiss ignites a blazing inferno and begins a stream of steamy hook-ups that the men soon recognize may extend into something much more than just physical.

However, nothing worth keeping is easy, and Adam will need a hefty dose of trust to avoid falling into the trap a scheming co-worker has created to destroy their new bond and allow him to salvage the Christmas of his dreams.

Reader advisory: This book contains very light threads of BDSM and reference to homophobia.

General Release Date: 19th November 2019

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-913186-42-5
Word Count: 21,790
Language: English
Book Length: NOVELLA
Pages: 93

About the author
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Lily Michaels

Coffee, chocolate, and books make up Lily’s world, often all three at the same time. Whether reading or writing she is a sucker for an over-the-top happily ever after… only following an appropriate amount of pain, of course.

When she is not writing or reading (which is not very often) she enjoys exercising her right brain in non authorly ways such as creating mosaics, crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, and taking one man’s trash to create something new. But never, ever ask her to draw something. That is a beast best left alone.

You can find Lily on her website here, and follow her on Pinterest and Instagram.

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  Reviewed by love bytes reviews

I’m going to warn you now, one, there may be possible trigger because of severe homophobia and disowning of a kid because of being gay. Two, this story is going to make you bawl in some spots but i...

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