Rowan Speedwell

Rowan Speedwell avoids dealing with reality as much as possible, but sometimes it finds her no matter how far or fast she runs. She likes angst and drama in books, where they belong, and prefers sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops. She has not listened to pop music since 1984, when she saw the movie The Terminator and was frightened back into her shell.

Rowan lives east of the sun and west of the moon, with her Cat, Kimball O'Hara ('Supreme Overlord of the Wasted Lands'). She doesn't believe in telephones or television, although people assure her frequently that they do exist.

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From the first page Chandler exhibited vulnerability that I just wanted to hug away. I wanted him to find his other half. 
Flowers for Him is a quick and sweet read that is good for ...

Marie Sexton is one of my auto-buy authors, so getting Flowers for Him for review was a delight. With alternating POVs between Neil and Chandler, the authors are able to give a wide view ...



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